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1919  Buffalo Arms

1919 Buffalo Arms

US Model 1919 Browning registered RHSP to build your parts kit into an inert display model or build into a live semi-automatic firearm. Buyer is responsible for following all state and local laws for the building of a live firearm.

Plate is manufactured from 4140 steel alloy plate that is stressed relieved and CNC machined to original military specifications. We do not use a laser or waterjet to cut the profile like other manufacturers. Our plates are 100% CNC machined for smooth edges like the original. A raised island .065" is exposed on the inside of the plate to prevent insertion of machine gun parts.

Plate has all the machine work completed with regards to profile, slots and charge handle. Requires some round holes to be drilled or reamed to final size for completion. Also requires some hand filing to match the plate to your kit for age and wear.  Some round holes are spotted on the inside of the plate for your convenience. Spot drilling includes the 30-06 cartridge stop.

A drill guide is available in the "faq" page on this website to help you complete your project. 

Plates are hand finished to remove all tool marks. Engraved plates are engraved after hand finish to give crisp deep letters for an excellent finish at time of parkerizing. Engrave work is blue print located and sized to original design. Font is matched as closely as possible to original text.

Custom engrave work is available for additional fee. Example - Your name, city and state for $50. Call for details and pricing

Price: $300.00
SKU Model Text Type Price Qty.
1919BAA4MGSA 1919A4 "Machine Gun" Text Semi-Automatic $300.00
1919BAA4SASA 1919A4 "Semi-Auto" Text Semi-Automatic $300.00
1919BAA6MGSA 1919A6 "Machine Gun" Text Semi-Automatic $300.00
SKU_1919BAA6SASA 1919A6 "Semi-Auto" Text Semi-Automatic $300.00

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